Scientific Writing & Editing

Competition is fierce in today’s world of scientific research: a poorly written manuscript or proposal may be rejected despite the scientific merit. Publications and funding are essential for the sustainability of your lab and your research. Don’t have your paper or proposal rejected for the wrong reasons.

Our manuscript-editing services can help you meet your deadlines, attract funding, and maximize your chances of being published.

We are not just skilled language editors, we are experienced scientists who understand your work and can highlight what is important. Our service includes an in-depth review of the science to check for valid protocols, methods, and other issues.

We know what editors and reviewers expect and can correct problems before they ruin peer review.

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“Hiring an editing service doesn’t guarantee publication,
but is does guarantee a review with substance."

Jim Viccaro

Manuscript Editing
Standard Service

Our standard service includes proofreading your submission for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. We analyze methods, data, figures, and conclusions, and flag inconsistencies or errors that would stand out for reviewers. If necessary, we will rewrite your text to achieve a clear and concise flow. We work closely with you to clarify your work and highlight the important points. This service can be completed in 3-5 days.

Manuscript Editing
Full Service

Our full service extends the standard service to additional rounds of revisions. Furthermore, we will write or edit your cover letters, rebuttals, and resubmissions. Full service also includes formatting of the manuscript to comply with journal standards. One price from first review to final publication. Each editing round can be completed in 3-5 days.

Grant Writing
& Editing

Our scientists have extensive experience researching and writing grant proposals, both at a national and international level. We can assist you in the application process for research funding from a range of different funding agencies (e.g., EU - Marie Curie, NERC, DFG, NSF, US – NIH: K99, R01, P01, etc.). We ensure that your proposal is clear and compelling. Our experience can help you avoid obvious mistakes and increase the chances of securing funds.

New Haven Biosciences Consulting provides top quality scientific consulting and science communication services.